Product Info & Questions


  •  DR. MOLLÉ’S JOINT REBOUND™ is the most complete joint health product made for cats and dogs. This nutritional supplement combines ingredients found in nature with those made by man.

  •  DR. MOLLÉ’S JOINT REBOUND™ is the only product known to include all the major joint health ingredients in one easy to use food supplement.  With DR. MOLLÉ’S JOINT REBOUND™ it is no longer necessary to search for a complete glucosamine chondroitin product and then seek additional joint health ingredients such as MSM, tart cherry juice, hyaluronic acid, boswellia extract, and bromelain.

What causes arthritis and other joint problems?

Arthritis simply means inflammation of the joint. Chronic or long-term arthritis and other joint problems can be caused or aggravated by trauma, infection, poor nutrition, genetic malformations, general wear and tear, or aging. Even the healthiest pets will get some arthritis or experience joint problems as they get older.

Will my pet use DR. MOLLÉ’S JOINT REBOUND™ forever?

In most cases chronic joint dysfunction will be a life-long issue since, with improved mobility and quality of life, your pet’s life expectancy will probably increase. DR. MOLLÉ’S JOINT REBOUND™  should be part of a life-long dietary plan.

A friend is giving her pet only a painkiller to ease joint pain.  Is that all that is needed?

Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs are a very important part of treating joint pain. However, they must be used with caution and only at the appropriate time. Used too soon, or given without food, they may irritate the stomach and can cause vomiting or ulcers. Most importantly, if they are used without a complete joint health formula, your pet won’t feel the pain and dysfunction in the joints and could do even more damage. Starting with DR. MOLLÉ’S JOINT REBOUND™ at the first signs of joint dysfunction (and later introducing pain-killing drugs if necessary) may be the best bet for optimum results.

Why does it take up to 6 weeks for DR. MOLLÉ’S JOINT REBOUND™ to become fully effective?

Nutritional therapies help the body heal from within by stimulating cells to repair damaged tissue. This is a healing process, not just one which masks pain, and healing takes time. Depending on your pet’s general health, it can take up to 6 weeks for DR. MOLLÉ’S JOINT REBOUND™ to reach a therapeutic level and for your pet to show noticeable improvement.

How can I tell if my pet needs DR. MOLLÉ’S JOINT REBOUND™?

Dogs and cats are very stoic and usually won’t show joint pain until they can’t hide it any longer. Some subtle signs are a reluctance to jump up or down, negotiate stairs, or get up from their bed. You may also notice stiffness when they first get up that may improve as they move around.

It looks like my pet might be taking one of the other joint formula supplements.  How do I switch to DR. MOLLÉ’S JOINT REBOUND™?

If, while using the old product, you’ve seen at least some improvement, you may substitute DR. MOLLÉ’S JOINT REBOUND™ for the old product at the maintenance amount, once daily.   If you doubt that the old product has helped, or you just want to assure maximum benefit, begin giving the suggested amount twice daily for 6 weeks, then switch to once daily.

What if my pet is a finicky eater?

Simply start by adding small amounts of DR. MOLLÉ’S JOINT REBOUND™ to each meal so that after about a week you have slowly introduced your pet to the suggested amount. You can mix DR. MOLLÉ’SJOINT REBOUND™ with water or broth and pour this over food. Also, check out our tasty treats within the How to Use page for recipes of pet treats that you can make using DR. MOLLÉ’S JOINT REBOUND™.